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General Information Session


Still curious about Hypnotherapy but still not sure?

Then this FREE session is for you!

Approx. 30 min.


So, you've heard about Hypnotherapy and your interest is piqued. But the only thing you know about it is whatever you've seen in a movie or some stage Hypnosis on Youtube.


Or maybe you know it can work for smoking or Mental Health, but you're not too sure if Hypnotherapy can help with stage fright or an upcoming operation or pain management or helping you along your spiritual journey or even writer's block?

Whatever change within yourself that you can imagine, chances are Hypnotherapy can help.

So book in for a chat and I can give you a quick rundown of what Hypnotherapy is (and isn't!), answer some FAQs and show you how Hypnotherapy can help you with your specific issue or situation.

Please note: This session is conducted over the phone.


Free and no obligation!

Imagine a better you


Initial consultation

This is where your new life begins!

2 hrs


The first stage of Therapy where we build awareness.


After a brief explanation of what Hypnotherapy is and some Psych-education on how our mind and body operate, we then go through an intensive questionnaire that puts your issue, situation or problem into context and enables you to start visualising alternatives, which promotes choice.

The questionnaire maps out a clients issue along four key points; Triggers (external and internal), Personal history

and emotional perception, Cognition (the client's thought processes during stress) and the resultant Safety Behaviour.


This questionnaire serves the purpose of having information there for future reference, as well as encouraging the conscious and subconscious minds to work together. As it is solution focussed, the conscious mind will formulate verbal responses, whilst the

sub-conscious creates the corresponding image of what the future solution will look like. This personal, powerful imagery helps

a client shift their thinking towards the new responses.


After the questionnaire is finished, we then debrief and discuss a treatment plan. The client will then make a booking for a week's time where we will start Hypnotherapy along the path  previously discussed.


You will come away with a better understanding of yourself and your issue, and the awareness needed to fully explore your situation and possible solutions.


Standard consultation

Where the second and third stages of Therapy happens!

1 hr


The second session is where we start Hypnotherapy, along the lines of the treatment plan discussed in the Initial Consultation.

It is here where we will go into trancework, determined by our recent discussion.

After trancework we will debrief further and, if necessary, homework will be given and another session booked.


Consequent sessions are a chance for both of us to collaboratively discuss any changes encountered in the previous weeks, any difficulties that may have arisen and whether the next stage along the treatment plan has been reached.


It is also where we may start our further investigation to find answers and solutions through deeper introspection.

A client will generally know when they feel ready to cease appointments. A final session will normally be one of

reinforcement and/or rehearsal of new behaviour and thought patterns in trance.

The door is always open though, and a lot of clients book in at a later date for a recap, a reboost or simply

for a General Relaxation session!