"Throughout your adult life, you may have experienced your fair share of good people who you knew were suffering with mental and emotional health, sometimes with drastic consequences. This probably bothered you, as you may have seemed unable to help them, as they tried to deal with their demons through various forms of self-sabotage.

You may have noticed that a lot of people on "anti-depressants" aren't necessarily "anti-depressed".

Perhaps you concluded that there must be a way of successfully treating negative thoughts and emotions naturally without side effects.


I used to think like this; knowing people in this position and feeling unable to help...


Being a good listener led me to start thinking therapy could be a good vocational change for me. This is where I discovered Hypnotherapy. The more I read, the more it appealed to me and the more it appeared to be a viable alternative that could be applied to numerous issues.


More research into where to study led me to enroll with Peter and Deb from The Institute for Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and complete studies that would give me the foundation I would need to start helping people live their lives more peacefully.

To this day, Peter and Deb have remained immensely helpful with their guidance and wisdom. Extremely passionate, and with a wealth of ever-growing knowledge, they continue to mentor all students that pass through the doors of their college, way past the completion of studies.

For six years I did pro-bono work for friends, family and whoever heard that I could help. In this time I helped people with anxiety, depression, smoking cessation, insomnia, I.B.S., addictions, performance anxiety, weight loss, writer’s block and I even helped someone find their soulmate!

The middle of 2017 finally found me in a position to start my own Clinic proper, and I have continued to be passionate about helping people live their lives how they choose and to helping people feel better about life in general.

In 2020 I branched out to include Drum Circle work in my repertoire and developed Beats Talking Drum Workshops to give clients an alternative to one on one therapy.

This experiential form of therapy is based on Simon Faulkner's highly successful Rhythm to Recovery and combines my experience with and passion for Hypnotherapy and music (I've been semi-professional for forty years and am currently in a few bands).


Hypnotherapy is such a natural, powerful and effective method of bringing peace of mind to a large number of issues and situations; it really is a matter of simply

"Imagining a better you!"

Steve Smith.

self portrait of Steve Smith

Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment.

Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment.

Dr. Milton H.Erickson