Beats Talking

Drum Workshops

Beats Talking

Drum Workshops

are a perfect way for private or business groups to provide a fun, relaxing, creative way to introduce and incorporate

Wellness, Stress Relief and Teamwork building

into their workforce or membership.

The workshops give participants the opportunity to experience

positive, social interaction and all the physical, mental and

emotional benefits derived from simply playing drums.

Some of these benefits include:-

  • Encouraged self expression

  • Reinforced self and social values

  • A sense of community, belonging and solidarity

  • Autonomy and self empowerment

  • Self awareness

  • Mindfulness

  • Emotional regulation

  • Physical motor co-ordination and function

  • Stress relief

Workshops can be booked as a singular, two hour session (@ $25 per participant), or as a series of four, 90min. sessions (@ $80 per participant).

Drums are supplied and cleaned between sessions.

A maximum of ten, or a minimum of four people are required.


Workshop sessions are based around one of either of five different themes and two discussion points from within that theme.


Each theme has within it ten discussion points and their corresponding drumming exercises.

The drumming exercises are physical metaphors for the discussion points, which serve as simple, but powerful, affirmations on the higher ideals we all share as humans.

The use of metaphors and affirmations has been shown to resonate easier and on a deeper level within our consciousness.


Every workshop session finishes with a short, mindfulness exercise using the drum and breath.

The five themes are:-

Strengths and Values

courage, kindness, honesty, teamwork, perseverance, fairness, forgiveness, humour, gratitude.

Families, Teams and Communities

communication, leadership, power dynamics, values, creativity, change, motivation, vision, partnership belonging.

Health and Wellbeing

relationships, balance, drugs and alcohol, grief, healing, hope, belonging, acceptance, love, death.

Social and emotional learning

core values, awareness of self and others, thoughts and feelings, smart choices, emotional control, tolerance and understanding, positive relationships, care and empathy, giving back, managing adversity.

Identity and culture

Me,myself and I, family, friends, community, diversity, culture, country, survival, growth, responsibility


"Participating in group drumming is good for your soul and good for your overall physical, mental and emotional health!"

Bookings can be done via either method below:_



Ph: 0400 253 792